We are excited to announce we have partnered with TACtile Studio to bring you the official launch of SASSY SNAPS by TACtile Studio - July 2021 - checkout our SASSY SNAPS Catalog below and click here to visit TACtile Studios collection of SASSY SNAPS and other snap button jewelry!


Sassy Snaps by TACtile Studio

Sassy Snaps are 20mm snap buttons that fit all 18-20mm snap button jewelry and accessories. They are handmade using printed digital patterns designed by TACtile Studio. The digital patterns spent the first part of their life as digital "papers" being utilized by professional photographers and digital scrapbookers to create custom albums, cards and more and now they are small, pretty, sparkly and tangible little snap buttons that can adorn any 18mm snap button item. From necklace pendants and bracelets to key chains and zipper pulls - there is something for everyone and a Sassy Snap for every taste and style!

What is Snap Button Jewelry?