Loyalty & Referral Rewards

Most of our business comes from our loyal customers and their generous referrals!  

We greatly appreciate the opportunity to serve our customers, their family and their friends and in doing so, our goal is to provide the best customer service possible.  We love what we do and we care about the standards of our product and the service we provide.  

Thank you...thank you for your support and the friendships we've built!  We love to share our appreciation of each and every one of you, not only by thanking you though, but by giving back.  So we've created an awesome loyalty and referral rewards program where you will have lots of opportunities to earn DESIGN POINTS.


What are Design Points?

Design Points will translate into a dollar amount credit towards your purchases.  There are several ways to earn them, so check this out: 

1.) Sign up for a free TGD account on our website and you'll receive a whopping 50 Design Points!

2.) Input your birthday once you are logged in and you'll receive 50 Design Points every year on your birthday!

3.) Share us to your Facebook peeps and receive 25 Design Points!

4.) Make a purchase and earn 1 point for every dollar spent! (tax and shipping excluded).  

Once you reach 200 Design Points, you'll receive a $5 reward and then you'll continue earning!


Referral Rewards

In addition to our Design Points system, we also offer a super easy way for you to automatically earn another $5 reward, just for referring someone to our shop!  

Use your unique referral link (which can be found in the 'Your Design Points' pop up, in the bottom right corner of our shop), created just for you, to refer your family & friends.  When they make their first purchase, by clicking your link and shopping, you will receive an instant $5 reward!  It's that simple!

There will also be special referral incentive periods where you can earn an increased reward when you refer someone using that special link in your account!


Reward Redemption

Any time you earn points and rewards, you'll be notified with an email. When you have enough points to redeem your rewards, be sure to watch for the reward redemption email. There will be a link included in that email, that will take you to your account in our shop. You'll sign in and click 'redeem reward', which will then provide you with your coupon code to use at checkout!

In addition, several times a year, we will offer an increased point value for your purchases, which will get you to that $5 reward much faster AND increased referral rewards!  If you want to get the nitty gritty details on specials, discount codes, increased design point periods, new product and more, be sure to join our Facebook Group: 

Tiffany Green Designs Facebook Group

If you have any questions on our loyalty & referral rewards program, please don't hesitate to contact us: tiffanygreenphoto@gmail.com 


Tiffany Green Designs Team