What is Snap Button Jewelry?

If you are new to snap button jewelry, let me give you a quick overview.  This fun, unique and economical jewelry is becoming the growing trend.  I was only introduced to it in 2016 and today I still meet more people that have never heard of it, than have!  

Snap Button Jewelry is a customizable jewelry, where you choose your jewelry piece, whether it's a bracelet, pendant or ring and you add your choice snap button to the snap setting on the jewelry.  These snap buttons are removable, so you can match what you're wearing every day OR you can be even more creative with it by coordinating based on your favorite sports team, a place you love, your favorite color or style, an upcoming holiday and so much more!

Here's a quick video to show you how fun and easy to customize, Snap Button Jewelry is and if you scroll further, I've attached some bracelet photos as well!

Here's a look at what a simple bracelet snap setting looks like WITH a snap button attached and WITHOUT: 

And here is what a Snap Button looks like (front/back):


It's as simple as that!  The buttons snap in and out of the setting.  The setting can be in a bracelet, pendant/necklace, ring and many other accessories.  Enjoy browsing our catalog and please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions: tiffanygreenphoto@gmail.com